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T&T went to Feira de Março 2013 in Aveiro with Águeda Living Lab.


1st workshop - Introduction to Arduino was presented at the Feira de Março 2013

In the past 19 and 20 April 20, 2013 T&T went with Águeda Living Lab to the presentation of the 1st workshop - Introduction to Arduino. This workshop was presented to students from EPA (Escola Profissional de Aveiro). In this edition of Feira de Março the Escola Profissional de Aveiro is responsible for the promotion of a large space designated "Alameda das Competências" by which over the several days of the Feira passed dozens of entities with different activities. This activity of the T&T is part of the support program to Águeda Living Lab for  technology showing various technological experiments simple to perform in short time by integrating several concepts of electrical engineering, physics, mechanics, computer programming, etc.. As usual the basis of work are the development boards in electronic Arduino.

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